logoThe Doo’s Seafood business model was created to offer opportunity for people wanting to build a better future for themselves.  The company’s founders immigrated from South Korea and without any related experience saw an opportunity for the Doo’s model.  The model centers around great food, at the heart of it all, the product line, food quality and selection of Cajun food products are unparalleled by any other Cajun food service model.  The vision took shape in the form of a location based in Louisiana with a small converted location in a quiet town that needed something new.  With great service, a family touch and careful management of the business model, the financial success of Doo’s was beyond extraordinary.  As the business, brand and legend of Doo’s spread, it became clear that national aspirations would be a possibility.  With this in mind, the second Doo’s location was opened in the Atlanta, Georgia market allowing for additional proof of concept and a launching pad for the brand.

There is an incredible market all over the nation for Cajun Seafood Restaurants which provide genuinely great food, consistent service to the customer in a friendly, gracious and service-oriented environment.  With the increasing number of busy, dual income families, more markets need to get their dinners and lunches quickly, conveniently and cost effectively, Doo’s Seafood and Deli has the answer.  There is a reason why Doo’s Seafood and Deli has customers who come back every week – we care about the customer and make a commitment to great products, great service along with a continued determination to always deliver the best experience possible when people dine with us.

So why would you want to consider Doo’s Seafood and Deli?

  1. You can be in the Cajun Seafood Restaurant business and still have a life.  The Doo’s business model allows for a work life balance that most full time retail business owners just don’t have with profit margins and hours that allow for a schedule most business owners dream of.
  2. Our franchise offers great potential profit margins.  Because we offer our specialty food products through a unique and convenient format and we are in a market that is focused and without a great deal of competition, you keep your gross margins higher.
  3. Owning our franchise will give you a sense of community.  By delivering the combination of experience, product quality and relationship focused customer service, you get to be a centerpiece of your community.
  4. We created the successful systems and procedures so you can confidently run your franchise.  We’ve done all the legwork, so you don’t have to.  You can learn from our mistakes and successes and skip the learning curve in building your operation.

The strength of Doo’s Seafood and Deli Company

Doo’s Seafood and Deli is a specialty Cajun Seafood QSR food service model which offers a delicious selection of seafood products which can be carried out, enjoyed at the location or purchased in a retail format all at one location. Our brand, convenient locations and exceptional product quality have been attracting locals and tourists alike for years.  Let us show you how to create your own successful location and territory!  As a family-owned-and-operated business, we care about the quality of our product and our reputation among our patrons, so we take pride in offering the top tier Cajun seafood product line that customers can only find at Doo’s Seafood and Deli stores.